The Las Vegas Porcelain Art Guild holds five meetings annually on the first Tuesday in January, March, May, August and October. Meetings include a luncheon and business meeting at various restaurants. Meetings and lunch usually begin at noon.

The Guild also holds an annual Holiday Luncheon every December.

Our next luncheon will be on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at noon.
Contact Pat at or 702-876-6660 for details.

At each meeting members display pieces they painted recently - on their own or in seminars.

Seminars Held by the Las Vegas Porcelain Art Guild

The Las Vegas Porcelain Art Guild holds several seminars annually – with expert porcelain art instructors from all over the United States. The seminars are usually three or four consecutive days. Seminars are open to all current members of the Guild. Seminar costs vary, depending on the instructor, the length of the seminar, and the instructor’s transportation costs.

Here is a list of some of the seminars held by the Guild:
02/09 - Paula Collins -Thistles on Tankard
04/09 - Brenda Morgan-Moore - Shepard and Sheep
10/09 - Ann Zitterkopf - Cherubs and Violets on Box
02/10 - Jerri Cookie Barton - Portraits
04/10 - Gerry Burchill - Landscapes
05/10 - Pat Haack - Hummingbird & Tulips – Faust Style
11/10 - Alzora Zaremba - Waterfalls
02/11 - Brenda Morgan-Moore - Pandas
04/11 - Victoria George - Orioles
11/11 - Cherryl Meggs - Roses

02/12 - Victoria George - Lion & Lamb
04/12 - Sharon Roberts Karl - Lusters
11/12 - Jeanette Davis - Giraffes
11/13 - Barbara Jensen - Raised Paste & Gold

Seminars scheduled in the future include:
None currently scheduled

Check our “Photo Gallery” page for photos from some of these seminars.


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