Do You Really Need A Roofers?


Do You Really Need A Roofers?

When you are building a home, and it comes time to re-roof the roof, do you call on a roofer’s company? Many people do. The question is do you really need one?

I remember when I was buying my first home, and I needed to have my roof replaced. I was not too happy about this and there were many roofers that were available, but I decided to go with my own, and I am glad I did.

I found that many roofs are no longer supported by steel rods, they are supported by the roof itself. For those of you that don’t know what a steel rod is, here is an explanation.

Steel rods that support a roof were made many years ago, but the last one on a house replaced in the U.S. was in 1962. I think the reason for this is because of how a steel roof doesn’t really hold up as well, and so, they find a way to replace them. The steel rods are usually put under the existing roof, and then the roof can be pulled up. Then, the roofers will put in the support.

The older style roofs had the steel anchored in the ground where they could be moved around. For these roofs, I would not even think about calling a roofer’s company.

Now, when you want a new aluminum roof, you can just order one, and have it installed by the roofers. I still call the roofers, but they give me the ability to customize the roof that I want, because they make everything from the aluminum to the style. They also go over the old roof very carefully, to make sure it all lines up, and no, I don’t mean that in a sexy way.

To get the best out of your roof, or any room for that matter, you should keep in mind how a roof holds up and ask the roofers what kinds of steel rods they use for a new roof. They will tell you that they are using the same ones that have been used since the 1960’s.

The next time you need a roof installed, instead of thinking that you don’t need one, think about how you look at that one thing and all you need is a new one. Don’t make that mistake!