Roofers and Contractors

Have you ever wondered why it is that there are so many Roofers, for that matter? It seems like most roofing companies are only taking in jobs that can only be done by a certain kind of person, a small minority of which may even be themselves.


Roofing is a broad job classification and does not appear to be limited to any particular group. Roofers need to take on a variety of jobs including roof repair, design, replacement, installation, and many others.

One obvious difference between the types of jobs performed by the Roofers in the two industries is that the Roofers are specialized in one area while the Construction Companies have a wide variety of jobs available. The things that the Roofers specialize in include demolition, stabilization, excavation, building, and roof maintenance. Of course, the contractor works with the Contractors who specialize in specific jobs.

Of course, the Construction Companies have their own Roofing Department. Many of these contractors work for larger companies that hire the more general types of Roofers. The smaller Construction Companies tend to hire more specialized types of Roofers, such as EPDM, Fiberglass, and A-frame to name a few. Obviously, when it comes to Roofing, Construction Companies will be looking for specialist Roofers.

They also do a lot of work involving laying asphalt shingle, concrete, tile, shingle, and wood. Of course, there are also many Roofers who specialize in other industries, such as landscaping, interior, and exterior, concrete, and metal fabrication. These Roofers specialize in types of jobs that require specialty tools and equipment, as well as some knowledge of different materials. That would explain why the Contractors that specialize in particular industries often do more jobs and end up with a larger list of employees and customers than those that do not.

Because the ConstructionCompanies also hire the Roofers, it makes sense that they do a lot of the same type of work as the Roofers. If you have ever worked in Construction, especially if you are a contractor or a Construction Worker, you will know that they are the ones doing most of the roofing. But sometimes there are differences.

Subcontractors are the ones who install, repair, demolish, and load, etc. But then again, they might not be the ones who do the basic roof work. The contracts are all written up between the Contractor and the Construction Company so that the Contractor can do what they do best. Often times the subcontractors may get their money in advance, but that is not always the case.

Now that you know that there are Roofers and Contractors, it is time to decide which type of Roofer or Contractor is right for you. We all have our favorite styles of roofing. You may just prefer the easier to read names or perhaps the more descriptive, fancy logos.