Roofers’ Leaflet


Roofers’ Leaflet

In these days of continued economic depression, roofers are turning to free advertising as a way to survive. Since so many people are looking for roofing service providers, a new phenomenon has developed: roofers sending out free leaflets to get your business.

It’s an excellent idea, but will you be convinced it is the best way to get potential customers? How do roofers determine which ads are most effective? What’s the difference between a good ad and an ineffective one?

A roofer will use two methods to promote your ad. He or she will either write up an ad that focuses on one feature or apply a creative approach where he or she combines several words into a creative ad.

Feature ads can be written about the price, quality or safety of the products used in your roofing service. Ad copy is usually self-explanatory. It tells you what the ad is about. It may also advise potential customers whether they should call the roofers for a free estimate or hire a professional company.

Creative ads are short, creative and distinctive. They are usually targeted to attract a specific audience. The type of ad chosen depends on a number of factors such as type of roofing product, size of the audience and the local area.

The classic creative method, the ad which combines several words into one, is usually used in TV commercials. In order to make this type of ad work, the roofers would have to determine how many times they can include certain words. It will usually involve one, two or three words and usually include a keyword.

When determining how many words are necessary for the creative type of ad, a roofer will consider if each word can be used once and other times, or if all of the words must be used at least twice. It is also important to note that the roofers will sometimes have to write a small ad that involves fewer words, depending on what the customer wants.

A great way to find out if your roofer is using creative type of ad is to go online and find similar ads. You’ll probably find the top ten most popular and will be able to understand the process better. It will also make a big difference in the quality of the results you receive.