What to Ask Your Locksmith

You want your locksmith to be efficient, trustworthy and able to fix your lock in a very short time. What you don’t want is for them to take any longer than they should to do their job, especially if you are trying to avoid the misery of having your lock replaced and getting your locks changed. Your locksmith needs to be able to work quickly and to your satisfaction. Below is a list of some things you need to ask when looking for a locksmith:


Is the locksmith’s license valid? If the locksmith isn’t licensed to operate a business in your area, you may be better off with another business. Some of the states that do not have licensing requirements are Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, and Washington. However, remember that it doesn’t matter whether or not a business is licensed in your state, if they can’t do the job they promise, they probably can’t do it.

How long has the locksmith been operating in this city? The only way to find out this information is to interview the locksmith, but it’s important to know that many lock professionals use “resume services” to represent themselves on their websites. Any resume that is not from a professional company will give a bad impression.

Does the locksmith live in the area where you want your lock repaired? Ask them what hours they work, and if they are on the clock, how many calls they answer in a day. For example, is the locksmith available to work weekends? Or, does the auto locksmith have any type of contract agreement with you?

Will they do a lock swap? This process allows a locksmith to work on one lock without changing the master key that opens all of the other locks. If they use a lock-swap company, they may require you to purchase a new key.

Will they do a private key control? Many locksmiths provide a service called key lock keys. These keys are made to be replaced when they are lost or stolen, and usually will allow you to re-key your door.

Will they help me change the locks? Even if you have the original keys to your doors, sometimes you may need a replacement key for a different lock. When you need a lock replacement, asking the locksmith to change the lock will protect your home from thieves who might otherwise try to break into your home using an existing key.

Many times, the locksmith will also be able to help you change the house key to the other side of the door. While you are speaking with the locksmith, you can also request that he replace the deadbolt lock on the inside of your home, so that you can eliminate the need to use keys outside of your house.