Why The US Government Has Overturned Its Contractor Tariff Policy

The key words in the title of this article are Roofers, the building contractors who are available to do roofing and related work. Roofers are an integral part of the local economy. We cannot continue to expect professional roofers to continue to provide top quality work without remuneration.

This is where the US government has stepped in and came up with a plan that is sure to have a dramatic effect on the present economic climate. It will bring clarity to the roofing business by giving roofers a clear contract for pricing, which has been a source of confusion and doubt for many years.

This contract gives roofers a structure to work on and also a clear direction to go in with regard to quality. One problem with the contractor market was that, when you have more than one contractor on the job, you need to price them according to their relative experience. The logical thing to do would be to give each contractor the same level of compensation.

However, with the agreement in place, you don’t mind the expense of creating a separate contract for each contractor. However, you still have to make sure the roofing work that is being done is done appropriately. If you see sloppiness in the roofing, you have a responsibility to put that across to the customer and steer clear of doing it again.

Getting the customers to agree to the contract that is in place can be a difficult task. The more expensive the job the better and the cheaper the job the less the price.

Customers are often looking for the best deal and finding that are difficult. The negotiation should be fair and transparent and the roofers should not be able to get away with any negligence.

This should result in the contractor market getting a little more open. There is no doubt that the ceiling prices will come down, and the contracting process should become more transparent. Since so many people work in roofing, there should be an increase in supply.

The bottom line is this. The government’s new roofing agreement is a great step forward and should hopefully lead to a lot more transparency and better contracts for roofers to work with.